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Breed: Poodle Puppy – Brown

Gender: Male




About Colt

Colt is the one you have been looking for! He’s perfect in every way! He is outgoing, playful, loving, and charming. He will be the talk of the town. Just look into those eyes and tell me you don’t agree. He is always so sweet and wants to please. Colt will be sure to come to his new home happy, healthy, and ready to fill your home with his puppy love. He will be up to date on his puppy vaccinations and vet checks just in time to come home to you. What are you waiting for? You have found the perfect prince charming right here.

About Poodles

These proud, fluffy pups were originally hunting dogs in northern Europe. Poodles are extremely intelligent and easily trained dogs, and are fun to be around. They are often used in service and therapy work because of their devoted and pleasant personalities. Poodles are the only breed that come in three sizes (Standard, Miniature and Toy), and they do very well with children and other pets. They are fairly active; they enjoy swimming, running, and retrieving. Although nobody can make guarantees about allergies, Poodles are frequently known as hypoallergenic because they have human-like hair instead of fur.

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    19 reviews for Colt

    1. Annie

      Beautiful puppy… arrived in great condition. Great temperament and in good health

    2. Makenzie

      We received the best customer service and our puppy is awesome!

    3. Claire

      I would tell anyone who is looking for a puppy how pleasant my experience with Topbuppyshop has been. Everyone I spoke to was very friendly, knowledgeable, and more than willing to take the time answer all my questions. Even when I asked the same question two or three times. I love my puppy!

    4. Lauren

      I was a little hesitant to use an online service to help us find out new puppy, but Topbuppyshop was wonderful from beginning to end. They explained everything, Our puppy arrived healthy and exactly on time. They also supplied everything we needed before the puppy even arrived. We normally adopt, but because of Covid, we literally couldn’t find a puppy for adoption and puppy spot found our pup immediately. Definitely would
      Use again.

    5. Haven

      Topbuppyshop made finding my special puppy so easy and satisfying. From day one they were responsive, caring and crackerjack. If I had a question, it was answered almost immediately and it was obvious that they were always concerned about the welfare of the puppy. Kudos to Lisa, Jeffrey, Sara and Mario for all of their help. I highly recommend Topbuppyshop

    6. Sophie

      Thank you for my new best friend

    7. Kali

      Topbuppyshop was amazing! They kept me informed each step of the way and my new puppy is the best thing that ever happened to me! Its perfect!

    8. Bella

      I highly recommend Topbuppyshop to get your new puppy. Every question I had was answered quickly and the compassion I found from the people I called to the person who actually delivered my Mia, was very heart warming. My experience was excellent.

    9. Alexa

      Thank you Topbuppyshop You were all so nice and helpful, and omg, the puppy!!! He’s perfect!

    10. Harper

      Everyone who meets her falls in love. In fact some want me to refer them to you. Thank you for all you did and all you gave.

    11. Kylie

      My puppy, Quinn, was delivered to my front door, and came bouncing out of his crate in great shape. He brought the biggest smile to my daughter’s face and tears to my eyes.

    12. Mariana

      I got my first puppy from the earlier business model before the rename. I had a great experience then and still a great experience today. The new addition to our family was delivered safely via. a puppy cab. This was especially easing due to the new Covid-19 times. Both dogs (old and new) have adjusted nicely. The new guy Clover, is a bundle of joy and energy. We are very happy to have him join our family. Thank you Topbuppyshop for helping us to navigate!

    13. Peyton

      My puppy is healthy happy and, need I say it, at the center of my life. She has brought such joy and love into my world.

    14. Kayla

      They were very competent, and delivered what they promised.

    15. Nyla

      It was a great experience and everyone worked so hard to get my puppy to me during Covid. He is so fun and smart. I love him so much ❤️

    16. Arianna

      Everything from my first contact with Topbuppyshop till my puppy was delivered was positive. my only criticism is I wish I had been communicated with more often.

    17. Elsie

      I was a little nervous about buying a puppy by only seeing a few pictures, but when we picked him up we were so happy . Shaggy is even better than we expected we love our dog from Topbuppyshop

    18. Julia

      Thank you Topbuppyshop You were all so nice and helpful, and omg, the puppy!!! He’s perfect!

    19. Katherine

      We love our new puppy, it was a great feeling knowing that they had checked everything out about the breeder as well as our new joy was ready to travel.
      it was fun to see updated pictures and hear about our babies mom and dad.
      We received a fun goody box of supplies etc. which was unexpected however really helped us with a base and understanding what we should have on hand for our new puppy.

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