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Breed: Poodle Puppy – Brown

Gender: Male




About Stetson

Stetson is a very special baby boy! He may be a baby now, but isn’t lacking when it comes to personality! He’s super friendly and loves everyone he meets! His coat is thick and soft. This baby is going to make a great companion and be very loyal to his family. Stetson is always doing something sweet to catch your attention and it always works! He is very sweet and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with him at first sight. Stetson will have a complete nose to tail vet check and arrive up to date on his vaccinations. Don’t pass up on this baby because he can’t wait to meet you!

About Poodles

These proud, fluffy pups were originally hunting dogs in northern Europe. Poodles are extremely intelligent and easily trained dogs, and are fun to be around. They are often used in service and therapy work because of their devoted and pleasant personalities. Poodles are the only breed that come in three sizes (Standard, Miniature and Toy), and they do very well with children and other pets. They are fairly active; they enjoy swimming, running, and retrieving. Although nobody can make guarantees about allergies, Poodles are frequently known as hypoallergenic because they have human-like hair instead of fur.

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    12 reviews for Stetson

    1. Elizabeth

      My new puppy Cody is the second puppy we purchased through Topbuppyshop . We were so happy with the first that one year later we ordered another. I am so pleased with his personality , intelligence and looks. Topbuppyshop made the purchase and pickup of Cody very simple

    2. Harper

      We are very happy with our puppy and the exceptional customer service at Topbuppyshop . The 4 star rating was given since our puppy arrived very dirty and badly matted. I notified Topbuppyshop and they paid for a grooming

    3. Emily

      Great experience had my doubts but everything went smoothly and we couldn’t be happier with our special puppy. Would recommend . Very professional .

    4. Sophia

      I was very pleased with the save delivery of my puppy,and I have already recommended you to other about the wonderful service,thanks you very much

    5. Isabella

      So happy to have finally got a puppy! Awesome company! They were great with communicating and letting you know about updates and also if you had any questions they would reply back. I would recommend puppy spot! Thank you again for helping me get my pu

    6. Avery

      Wonderful Yorkie! Our Yorkie is a beautiful and smart girl, and we love her. There was confusion with Topbuppyshop regarding her arrival date, and we received her later than anticipated. I was given different information from different representatives. I didn’t mind that much because I like to get a 12 week old puppy. She’s healthy and happy. Potty training was a bit difficult and she chewed just a bit, but overall, I think she was trained earlier than most. She rarely has an accident She’s loving and very well socialized, and loves humans and other dogs. My husband and I love her so much, and she’s curious and playful. I would adopt from Topbuppyshop again

    7. Mia

      I love my new puppy from! Everything went very smooth! Thanks so much for all your help.

    8. Ava

      Zayne is a great little puppy. His arrival to our family went quite smoothly. Thanks!

    9. Evelyn

      The purchase and delivery of my new puppy were seamless. thanks

    10. Charlotte

      Every aspect of working with Topbuppyshop was amazing. Finding our precious little princess from a breeder across the country could not have happened without them! And they even arranged to deliver her into my hands on Thanksgiving Day! Our Lily Fae (litter name Ellie) is happy, healthy, feisty and fierce, and living her best life here in Texas.

    11. Amelia

      My puppy is everything I hoped for she is loving a very healthy thank you Topbuppyshop for me sweet Liberty

    12. Abigail

      I had a good experience with Topbuppyshop with no complaints except paying upfront one month ahead, out of the state for my puppy over $5000 especially during pandemic and fraud schemes that are going on.

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